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Photos From Mayan Riviera

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A peaceful, restful resort on the Mayan Riviera...


Welcome to Texaspepper's Photo Review Of Club Tulum On The Mayan Riviera Past And Present


Although Club Maeva/Club Tulum is no longer open, the photos will give you an idea of what is one hour from Cancun and 25 minutes from Playa del Carmen. Palace Resorts bought Club Meava/Club Tulum in 2007 and closed the resort. All attempts to contact Palace Resorts have resulted in little or no information. All Palace will say is they have no plans at this time. CMT is a ghost town. In shambles and ruins. Here is a photo taken about Oct 2008 taken by a guest from a near by resort who walked down the beach to view CMT as it is today.

UPDATE AUGUST 16, 2012 I was contacted by a large travel website owner in Europe who stated he walked down the old CMT and was just appalled at what he saw. He saw my photos of the old CMT and asked if he could use the photos to write a story about CMT. Of course I said please do. Let you know when it is completed. Raymond Walsh owner of the Travel Website "Man On The Lam" just contacted me to tell me the News story is up on the website. It is a shocking present day photo presentation and story of the current Club Meava Tulum


Exploring an Abandoned Beach Resort in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera


Food & Beverage Manager at CMT, Arturo and Texaspepper holding the Texaspepper Cruise & Mexico Resort Board names in the Time Capsule to be buried in the sand of Club Maeva Tulum Nov 2007

Texaspepper Cruise & Resort Photo Review

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Texaspepper Board Members names who have stayed at Club Maeva Tulum is now buried in the sand just next to the sand volley ball court. We buried it deep so the huricanes would not wash it away over time. Over 200 names of people who have stayed at the former CMT.

This site was developed for Texaspepper's Cruise & Resort Photo Review Web Site by Texaspepper, AKA David Barnard, who is solely responsible for it contents and is in no way affiliated with Palace Resorts Corporation in any manner. Ok,that's the disclaimer. Enjoy the site and your comments and suggestions are welcomed. Send Comments & Feedback by clicking HERE

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