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Past Cruise Photos And Resort Reviews

Carnival Conquest 02/20/2011 Cruise NEW

Carnival Ecstasy/Galveston/Progresso/Cozumel 10/25/10

Carnival Ecstasy/Galveston/Progresso/Cozumel 09/09

Carnival Fantasy New Orleans/Progresso/Cozumel 07/09

NEW Carnival Ecstasy FUNTIMES/Capers Ecstasy Cruise 10/25/10

Carnival Conquest/Houston/Western Caribbean 09/08

Carnival Conquest/Galveston/Western Caribbean 04/08

Carnival Conquest Legend Show/David Singing As Frank Sinatra

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas Eastern Caribbean 10/02

Royal Caribbean Voyager Of The Seas/Galveston/Western Caribbean 02/09

Royal Caribbean Voyager Of The Seas/Barcelona/Galveston 15 Day 11/08

Royal Caribbean Voayager Of The Seas Roatan Photos 01/10

Holiday Villas III Condo in Indian Shores, FL


New Orleans Bourbon Street Photos Review

Texaspepper Cruise Tips: Using A Cell Phone On Board Cruise Ships

You would have to check with your cell phone carrier for their international rates. Historically, cell phone usage on board ships is very expensive-anywhere from $5.00 a min and up. Calling from the ships phone in your room can be as much as $7.00 per min. Again, check with your cell phone carrier. I would personally advise turning off your cell phone as soon as the ship starts to pull back from the pier. When you loose contact with your cell phone carrier's tower, it switches to the ship satellite and you are passed on the bill. We put our cell phones in the safe turned off until we return to port and are docked. Have heard horror stories of $400-$600 cell phone bills from people who used their cell phones at sea.

In the past if I needed to call home or even spend some time checking email, I ask my room steward, waiter where they go in port to call home and use internet for emails. I know from experience, going where they go internet PC usage is about $3.00 per hour in Cozumel, Nassau, and you can buy a International Calling Card to call home in Mexico cheap.

One more thought. . Don't leave your valuables in your luggage at check in or at any time unless your going to be with it. Don't take valuables on your cruise unless it is an absolute necessity. Leave the gold and diamonds at home and trust no one. Be smart, not trusting.

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